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The current situation, perspectives and hopes for the future of women over 50 who have a university degree

Project director Kerstin Witt-Löw, Consultant Marion Breiter
October 2016 – Decembre 2017

Short description of the project:
The project aims to examine the professional situation and lived experience of women between the ages of 50 and 70 who have an academic degree. This demographic has relatively extensive resources and competencies, due to their educational background. With the educational reform of the 1970s and subsequent years greater numbers of women from non-academic backgrounds gained access to tertiary education for the first time.
This study focuses on the generation of female academics who took advantage of these educational opportunities and attained educational success, despite a non-academic familial background. Thus opportunities and ways of life opened up to them that were very different from those available to their mothers. How were these women able to take advantage of these opportunities for their professional life? What were the difficulties they faced, what did they perceive as helpful and positive? Were their larger social expectations fulfilled? Where do these women stand now, in terms of their career and their civil society engagement? What avenues for personal development are open to these women, what wishes needs, and resources do they have? What is the potential of these well-educated women? These are the questions at the core of the study.

Project design:
Expert interviews
9 focus groups of different networks of women
40 interviews with women from our target group-taking into consideration the different life and career paths

Senior Expert Advisor: Lore Hostasch und Eva Wilhelm

This project is supported and financed by:
Chamber of Labour, Vienna; Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection


Studie Frauen 50+
Kurzfassung Studie Frauen 50+
Text der Präsentation der Studie am 23.4.18

Praesentation der Studie Frauen 50+

Claudia Kuschinski-Wallach, Marion Breiter und Kerstin Witt-Löw bei der Präsentaion der Studie "Frauen 50+"
am 23.4.2018 im Konferenzraum der ÖBB

Institut Sofia